A Healthy Earth is the

With Little Changes,
We Can Make a

The greatest threat
to our planet is the belief that
someone else
will save it

– Robert Swan

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Composting food waste can reduce the amount of methane produced in landfills And creates a nutrient-rich soil for gardens

By using a low-flow showerhead you can save up to 2,900 gallons of water per year

Eating a plant-based diet can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 73%

Ocean acidity has increased by about


since the Industrial Revolution, as the ocean absorbs about one-quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere

Summer Arctic sea ice extent is shrinking by


per decade as a result of
global warming

It is estimated that food waste is


of the food supply in
the United States.

Since 1970 the WWF estimates
an average decline in the global population of


for birds, amphibians, mammals, fish, and reptiles

So What

Can We Do?



We can start by

reducing our consumption…

Buy only what we need
Cook at home
Reuse what we have

Learn how to


Reduces waste
Improves soil health
Reduces pollution
Encourages biodiversity

Families can choose to

Eat Sustainably

Meatless Mondays (or more!)
Eating local – Farmers markets or local farm CSA
Reducing our food waste

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